Counsellor and Therapist Mia Malama

Don't be alone with your challenges, it is time to take care of your mental health and wellbeing and I am here for you. Sometimes “just talking” is enough, for example, grief counselling though I usually recommend a more structured therapy approach. My help is very much available not just in the UK but online globally too.

I provide, as broadly listed below, highly confidential and effective services both online, from the comfort of your own home, as well as in-person, where possible.

  • Counselling for individuals and couples
  • Integrative therapy using different therapeutic approaches
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) counselling and therapy services.

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Online counselling services - Dr Mia Malama

Dr Mia Malama

Accredited Counsellor, Integrative Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & Hypnotherapist.  Master's of Theology.

Doctor of Philosophy

(Behavioural Sciences - Education, non-medical doctor)

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Sometimes there are not many time slots on this calendar for new client bookings, but don’t worry, just contact me and we can organize you a time slot which suits you well.



Therapy services - ways to contact me

Modes of services: in-person, Skype, Duo, Zoom, WhatsApp call, video or texting. Face-to-face sessions can be arranged in Luton (limited availability).

The typical session length is 50 minutes. Session cost varies from £25 consultations up to £90 depending on session length and discounts. Discounts are available for a limited number of clients: Feel free to contact and ask more. It is also possible to have a longer session sometimes if needed, in couple counselling, for example. From the start, I discuss with you your preferences and find what best suits you.

Online counselling and therapy are very flexible and time-efficient options as you get these services in the comfort of your own home or in a location where you have internet access and a computer or mobile phone.

Getting help, promptly, which is flexible and can be scheduled around other commitments you have is very important when you go through certain life challenges.  As a counsellor and therapist, I recognise and take this seriously which is why I am offering online sessions at short notice including on evenings and weekends.

Sometimes it may just need a couple of sessions to get you back on track and of course in other situations, a bit more time may need to be devoted as the best way forward.

It is time to take care of your wellbeing.

Why wait any longer? Just contact me and we can organize a session time or book online here:

Book a session online

Difficulties finding a suitable time slot to book? Difficulties with online booking system?

Sometimes there are not many time slots on this calendar for new client booking but don’t worry, just contact me and we can organize a time slot which suits you well. Please, contact also if there is any technical issues with online booking, I can then book your preferred slot for you manually.


My experience with CBT and Mia was great. Mia made me feel comfortable and safe with dealing with my problems. Furthermore, I felt like she really listened to me and had the knowledge and capability to help me. Hence, I can recommend her to anyone. As for the CBT approach, each of our session thought me something new and soothed me. Even at the worst times the session made me feel better. I also feel like my mentality has shifted a lot and that I am able to deal with my problems better.

You showed me another way of living, the strength to keep on going and hope when I was down. I am so grateful for meeting you and for working with you. I feel so much better about dealing with my own problems and I am so happy about that.

Thank you so much!

20 year old woman

I completed REBT and CBT therapy with Mia to begin with and the results have been life changing.

Truly understanding how to adopt healthy thought patterns and processing techniques has helped me through some horrific emotional and mental experiences and improved my self worth and self belief beyond measure.

Safe to say I have never been able to achieve these mindset changes previously and have struggled with safe esteem and self worth issues for my whole life.


32 year old woman

It is evident that Mia has extensive experience in CBT interventions. She is not just confident in her own knowledge, but she is also confident in the other person's abilities to overcome their difficulties. This provides an atmosphere of trust and support.

I already recommend her to two of my close friends.

34 year old man

I came across Mia and her services at a point in my life when I really needed someone to talk to and ventilate my thoughts. She is a warm and approachable person who sincerely wants to help her clients develop and move forward.

35 year year old woman

In a nutshell, over the course of our therapy, you have provided me with some much-needed hope, self-acceptance and understanding of myself.

I have already recommended you to a couple of my friends and so would definitely recommend you to others as well.

19 year old woman

I have also explored hypnotherapy with Mia and in one hypnotherapy session have been able to master a 16 year addiction.

I was surprised how different hypnotherapy was from my initial expectations – it is both led by me and performed on an entirely conscious level. Totally different to the perceptions I had about hypnotherapy that centred on someone taking control of my mind. It's just not like the movies!!

Empathetic, incredible listener, very caring, approachable, non- judgemental, fair and firm, focus on self-worth and healthy and unhealthy patterns was very enlightening. Kind and compassionate and I feel as if you actually care about my wellbeing and have my best interests at heart.

32 year old woman

I am so grateful for Mia and all of the help and guidance she gave me. Mia was always extremely patient with me as I articulated my thoughts and feelings and always responded with compassion and wisdom. I would highly recommend working with Mia for anyone needing help with OCD, anxiety and depression.

The homework was extremely helpful and unique to some other therapists. I really appreciated the readings I was given and the support that this gave me throughout the week. Mia helped me to understand my OCD better and to make sense of the emotions and feelings that it would bring up and she never made me feel judged or embarrassed about the things I shared.

21 year old woman

On the first meeting you gave me a clear overview of what to expect. Throughout the process I felt that your care was genuine and your listening very focused. From your comments I could see that you spent time between the sessions to reflect not only the relevant next reading but also on what was discussed during the sessions. You were able to provide me with alternative perspectives that helped me to change my thinking. Finally, you were flexible in times I needed to make changes to our meeting times, which was very helpful.

The process was very successful - I was able to change eating habits that were harmful and feel equipped with tools for keeping to the healthy eating in the future.

54 year old woman

Kind, considerate, brilliant and very helpful. Provided useful tools to deal with the problems I was going through. Thank you very much, you have helped me enormously through a very difficult time and gave me a fresh outlook when I was depressed.

42 year old woman

I had a safe feeling throughout the process and it was easy to talk with Mia. The methods and themes we used felt relevant to me and I got many tools to better handle my issues and know what to concretely do in situations that previously made me anxious or feel hopeless.

30 year old woman

I was really happy with our sessions, and I can’t really think of anything that I think would have improved them.

I really valued the structure of the sessions – my previous therapy has always felt quite wishy washy, and has never felt like it was leading somewhere. This felt like I was really working towards developing the tools to help me move forward.

33 year old woman

You are warm and a very good listener. I felt you understood me very well. I have received so much from these sessions. and I feel gratitude for that.

33 year old man

Mia is an empathic, experienced therapist well-versed in the REBT approach. Working together remotely in bi-weekly sessions, I made real progress working through some of my limiting and unhealthy beliefs and thought patterns. Welcoming, approachable and an astute analyst of emotions, I quickly trust Mia and felt able to work independently using reflection tools she gave me and fruitfully review this in our sessions. I would recommend Mia to anyone interested in the REBT approach.

35 year old man

I felt very listened to and like I could talk about anything with you. You had knowledge and helpful answers on a variety of topic. You were also incredibly instrumental in providing me with tools to manage and reducing my relationship anxiety. Additionally, I enjoyed the homework readings – and found this very useful.

19 year old woman

Always  she has been available. She gave enough reassurance to understand that everything was going to be fine even when I have not seen the light.

43 year old woman

Mia clearly explained CBT/REBT from the beginning and gave me some
reading material that helped me to understand this approach even more. I
have not had this approach in therapy before so I was a little nervous but it
quickly became clear that this approach was perfect for me and my logical
brain! Mia is warm and supportive whilst gently guiding me and asking me
relevant questions to help me understand the challenges I was experiencing.

Mia is very thoughtful in her use of words and how she explains things and
makes suggestions. This made me feel so much more comfortable with her as
my therapist. I would highly recommend Mia as she also helped me to focus
on overall goals, but with small and achievable steps and goals along the way.

46 year old woman

I've become much better at de-escalating my anxious and depressive states and my sleep improved dramatically to the point I no longer consider insomnia (something I have been dealing with periodically for 20 years) an issue. Mia has been so kind, patient and insightful throughout the entire process and I would thoroughly recommend her to anybody."

29 year old man

My core values include

  • unconditional human dignity and human rights ethos
  • empowerment of the client
  • non-judgemental counselling and therapy practise
  • professionalism

I follow the ethical guidelines for counselling and therapies provided by the NCPS (The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society) and the BACP (The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am described by clients as skilled, warm, approachable, sincere as well as able to challenge clients successfully to work through various challenges.